Montag, 7. November 2016

It's beginning... look a lot like Christmas!

I am just waiting for the first Christmas TV commercial to appear. They are late this year. ;o)

picture found at

I have done the first shoping for gifts and the wrapping paper is ready to turn these gifts into beautiful little packages. I have plans for the advent decoration and everything is shopped for the kids' advent calender. Only three more weeks until the first of advent, you know.

I also started to check ot New year's Eve decorations. Yes, I am crazy like that. I am planning on making it all black and gold, just beautiful and classy. We are not big with celebrating NYE, but I want our little get together be special.

Maybe you got it, maybe not. But I just love the holidays! It's a time of coziness and family get togethers, the time of secrets and I love to dress up and get to wear lovely dresses and my NYE crown. I really am into that special time of year. I will go ahead and show you some of my favorite books for the holidays these next weeks, because this has to be shared. Also, I will keep you updated on decorations and baking and stuff.

Stay tuned! Love, Christmas-crazy-Sanna

P.S. The red cups will be back in three days!!

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