Sonntag, 27. August 2017

Not ready for fall

It's the last weekend before school starts and it makes me sad to see summer go. With the end of summer break and the end of August comes the cooler season. So far it's still pretty warm and the pool is up and it smells like sunscreen. We had a great summer and an amazing vacation at the coast. We spent days on the beach and had way too much ice cream. Everything was sandy and the kids smelled like salt water all the time. We also visited Hamburg with the kids, who have never been in such a big city before. It was loud and hectic and DH and me were a bit stressed to have an eye on the kids all the time so nobody gets lost, but it was worth every minute.

Now, we are preparing for normal life again. We shopped school supplies and I realized I forgot to order school books. Just in time as they were delivered yesterday. I am super mom.

The forecast says temperatures will drop next week and it really is chilly in the evenings, which does not keep us from sitting on the proch until the sun goes down and share some drinks with friends. We will spend these last days of summer outside with ice cream and pool games and enjoy them as much as possible.

Have a great weekend! Love, Sanna