Sonntag, 8. September 2019


Slowly, I realize what a career change really means. I am teaching and studying full time and within the next weeks are exams and other stuff ahead. At the same time, work at school was crazy this last week.

I have to admit, that I feel a bit overwhelmed. I feel like I am always behind with my schedule and tired all the time. I get up super early and don't get basic stuff done like vacuuming or cooking a proper dinner. Laundry is piling up, too.

I am afraid, I have to stop doing stuff 100% perfect. I have to ask for help and get my family more involved. I have to stop volunteering for stuff at work, and instead concentrate on exams. I really have to stomp on the break and make sure to breathe.

So, this coming week I wanna focus on myself. Get the important stuff done and leave the other things behind. I also have to treat my body much, much better. I can feel how the weight I packed has an influence on my body and soul, and it's not a good one.

So, here we go. Heading into the week with good thoughts and a positive mind.

Enjoy your Sunday night and have a great week!

Love, Sanna