Freitag, 30. September 2016

It's looking...

... more and more like MisbehavinAngel right here. How do you like the new template? I used to have a custom made template for my blog before I gave up blogging right here, but I somehow lost it in the world wide web and I have no idea how to get it back.

And - drum roll - you can now find me at and you will be re-directed to this website. That's all we managed so far. But I think that's good for now.

On other news, we got a long weekend ahead with Monday being a public holiday. There are no plans so far, which I kind of like. Oh, that's not really true. I am going to take the kids and my mother-in-law to the fabric market tomorrow and make sure to find cute fabrics for coffee wraps and calenders, which I want to be in the shop by November, 1st. I am off for six days and I am planning in getting some sewing done. Maybe I'll start tonight with cutting the fabrics I still got in my pile.

Oh, just because someone asked: I am NOT doing book covers, as German and American books have different measures. If you want one, contact me and I'll make it a custom order. Just email me or send me a private message via Facebook messenger.

So, the rest of Saturday, Sunday and Mondays are free. Yeah! I wanted to do some baking with Little L (my small boy), but as we both had a day off today, we already did this. I will post about it later.

So, now excuse me. I have to watch The Smurfs now. Stuff you do on a Friday night, when you are a mom.

Happy Weekend!

Dienstag, 27. September 2016

Hello Again!

Today is a big, big day for me! MisbehavinAngel is back!!

Bad news first: During my absence, my domain was used by someone else. Bummer! So make sure to use the correct web adress when you wanna visit me. I am working on getting my adress back, but that's a bit of difficult. Until then, you'll find me right here. Make sure to pop in from time to time. And I will also post new entries on facebook.

Apart from that, there will be no big changes. I will blog about my life as a working mom and about my big passions. Reading, sewing, knitting, gossip and Tim McGraw. I still love the color pink and I am mad about instagram (my username is misbehavinangel). I also haven't lost my deep relationship to coffee, cake and nailpolish. You will find all that here and more.

Now that Christmas is around the corner, I also thought about stocking up the shelves in my little online shop. You will get news when new stuff is available.

I am so looking forward to connecting with you again and to start all over new. It feels good to be back and oh yeah, I am!

Love, Sanna


The Angel will come back soon!