Montag, 31. Oktober 2016

My Halloween

First of all: Being at home with a sick kid is soooo boring. We are dealing with a stomach bug in our home and nobody is really interested in the Halloween decorations and candy (obviously). This was just the same on Valentine's Day, when I had helium balloons and made heart shaped muffins and Big L was throwing up the whole day. Good times.

Also, I am mad as hell as I was responsible for opening the store today and with sick kids this is somewhat difficult. But the company was not able to organize someone to cover my shift. Big bummer. I then found a way but it was not the best solution for me or the kids. The next time that damn store is staying closed. So what. Not my problem, right?

And then I realized, that there probably won't be a next time. I am going back to teaching in one month from today. Wohoo! I am so looking forward to it!

Now, at dinner time Little L is much better and chewing on some corn chips and sipping caffeine free coke. I'd say the worst is over. Let's hope for the first night with no throwing up and a good night's sleep. Nothing stresses me more out than kids with a stomach bug.

Have a great Halloween and for all the Germans, a great day off tomorrow! Love, Sanna

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