Freitag, 11. November 2016


I saw the cranes moving South today. I know they are on their way for some time now, but it was the first time this fall I saw them. It means that winter is coming and that makes me a bit wistful. We had such a good summer and I am sad to see it go for good.

It was the summer, when I had NO symptoms of depression. The summer I became 100% healthy. Fact is, that I feel good for about a year now, but that feeling of being me again, a hundred percent, just came during the last six months. Everything that makes me unique is back. I really feel like my old self and -surprise- better than ever before. I have learned so much about me and my way of life. I have changed. I came out of this stronger, more positive and so full of love.

It was the summer I danced at the music festival, the summer I dipped my toes into the North Sea and the summer I felt the joy of being alive. Honestly, it's so good to be alive! And there I thought I'd never say that again.

And then came fall with beautiful weather and the leaves popping bright with colours. It was the time for fall walks and late summer/fall BBQs. Our fall included a visit at the pumpkin patch and our living room make over. In the evenings, candles are lightning up our home and tea and cookies are served.

I am sad to see all this go. The garden furniture is stored away. The leaves are falling and have to be swept. The cars are prepared for winter.We are wearing winter coats and boots. There is no denying, winter is around the corner.

But then, it is also a lovely time of year. We have a lot of family birthdays from November until January, so it is a time of celebrating the life of loved ones for us. It is the time of Sankt Martin (today!) and then Christmas is coming. I love the twinkling Christmas lights and curling up on the couch with a good Christmas movie. New Year's Eve is special and I am already planning on decorations and my outfit will be spectacular this year. Stay tuned! A lot of loveliness is coming up!

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