Samstag, 18. März 2017

Reading again

It's been over four years that Amazon did deliver a books to my doorstep. Before I got sick with PPD, I was obsessed with books. I read romance in every free minute. Any kind of romance. Paranormal, suspense, historical. As long as there was kissing involved, it was my kind of book. Same goes for Chick Lit, which my anglophile self just loved.

Then I got sick and with it came agitation and the loss of concentration. Plus, I felt like this happily-ever-after-girl was not me anymore. My life was full of pain and surviving day by day, so romance didn't seem to fit.

Over the last four years, I did a bit of reading. Mostly within the last year. I read a bit during summer break and afterwards. I tried to read a Christmas novel, but it didn't work for me.

For all this time a book was on my nightstand waiting for me to be ready. It was Maya Banks' Shades Of Gray, book 7 of the KGI series. A series, which I loved so much. Still, I coudn't make myself read it.

About two weeks ago, I finally picked up the book. And started reading. And then it all started. I felt the magic of different worlds swept over me. I read and read (and while reading realized, I've read this book before) and just couldn't put my book down. I spent my afternoons curled up on the couch, sipped coffee and fell in love with P.J. and Cole's story. When I was done, I picked up the next book of the series and read it within days. Then I browsed Amazon for more titles and put an order.

And just like that, I am back to reading. Not just some pages, but like I did before. Reading way too long at night, because I just can't stop. Living within the story and being in tears and laughter. Feeling with the characters every step of the way and being totally satisfied when they say their I love yous in the end.

It is a gift to be able to really live within the story. To be sad and happy and excited as you read. It is a gift that was hidden under depression, but fought it's way back up to life. Just like everything else, it came back to me. It took time and patience, but it came back. And I am so grateful for that.

Now excuse me, I have a date with my couch and a romance. Happy reading, everybody!