Donnerstag, 17. November 2016


Life has been chaotic and hectic around our home and I am not happy about it. The kids both caught a cold, but they are dealing with it very differently. Little L is just his happy self, while Big L is suffering big time. He even had to be picked up at school yesterday. (I think, he wanted a day off, because at home he was fine.)

I am working crazy hours and much more than I usually do, like every single day. It sucks. I am so hapy, when I am back to teaching and doing my 15 lessons/week. There's a schedule and no more swapping shifts and coming in on short notice, because someone is sick or stuff like that. Plus, I will be off all weekends. Lovely. I am going to see my new (old) boss next week to talk over the details of the paper work. And I will meet my co-teacher, who is a retired professor. That will be interesting. He will be teaching two days, I will be doing three days a week. But I am the tutor of the class, which means a bit more work at home, but I don't care.

Apart from that, there's the usual business like swimming class, sports and parent conference day. I am really excited for that, cause Big L has changed schools this summer and I really wanna know how he is doing. I am pretty astonished about how much more learning we have to do now at the new school. Especially his English teacher is so strict and giving loads of homework and vocabulary to learn. I sometimes wonder how the other kids are dealing with that. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep up with vocab and grammar.

So, long story short...I hardly find time to blog or read. The Christmas Reading Challenge and me did not have a good start this year. The first book was a bummer. The second started out pretty good, but with all the craziness around, I just managed to read twenty pages or so. I'll keep you updated on that.

Have a nice day! Love, Sanna

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