Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2019

My favorite beachreads

Okay, you guys know me so good. It is summer, so I am reading summer books right now. Weird, I know, but just the way I am. Whenever a new season is approaching, I am searching high and low for the best reads fitting the season. Believe me, fall is hard. There are hardly any good fall books around. But summer is easy. Really easy. There are so many beachreads out there, but here are my favorites:

1) Kate Angell's Barefoot William Beach series, seven books so far. Man, these are great reads. I love Kate Angell's past pace of writing and she has a great sense of humour. Her heroes are sexy and smart and sometimes a pain in the a$$, her heroines are real life women. Some too chubby, some too insecure, some full of power and some super strong independent women. Every book is unique. Every character is. The lovely setting of beach, boardwalk and ferris wheel helps to really feel the summer vibes. Plus, I like that we get to know some more of former characters through the series. It's not like they vanish after their book is closed. Two thumbs up.

2) Jenny Colgan's Little Beach Street Bakery & Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery. I wrote about these books before. Click here.

3) Jenny Colgan's The Summer Seaside Kitchen & The Endless Beach. Okay, this is Jenny Colgan. To me, her books are a must read. But these are outstanding. Set on the small island of Mure, Scotland. A little island community where everybody knows everybody and secrets spread faster than the flu. Small communities also do not have too many eligible bachelors to offer, so love is hard to find. These books are telling stories of lovers, families and happily ever after. Well, not always happily ever after. Sometimes the story takes a spin and it's sad to see chances pass and fate strike. I laughed and cried and felt everything in between. These books sure are keepers.

So, what beachreads can you recommend? What was the best summer book you read? Let me know!

Happy reading! Love, Sanna