Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2016

In my part of the woods

Hey everybody,

what's going on in your part of the world? In my part, a terrorist attack happened. On a Christmas market. A lovely tradition of Christians to celebrate the season. To be honest, I am not shocked. We have seen this coming, right? It was just a question of when this will happen. And last night it did.

I am shocked about how the right wing politicians use this for propaganda. I am shocked about the hatred that people show against refugees. I am shocked about how our chancelor Angela Merkel is attacked. I am with her. All the way. She is not to blame. The refugees are not to blame. The muslims are not to blame. There is only one person to blame. That idiot who drove that truck. Period.

Am I afraid? Nope. Not a bit. I am mad as hell. But my reaction will be more love, more laughter and more tolerance. I will not stop going to christmas markets. I will not stop dancing and singing at festivals. I will go on living my wonderful life in a free world.

I won't let those motherfuckers control my life. They wont get my life. Never ever. I have a responsibility for my kids and I will do everything to protect them, but I cannot make them stop living as well. I remember, when I was a teen in the Nineties and made trips to London like twice a year. The IRA was pretty active these days and my mom always prayed for me to come back safe and sound. She didn't want me to go, but at the same time, she couldn't make me stop living my teenage years. It was the right thing to let me go.

Terrorist attacks are a risk we are living with these days. We have to accept that and keep on fighting for what we believe in. Freedom, peace and love. Spread the love. Be humble and kind. Fill this world with your sparkle and laughter. This is what I will do. Join me!

Love, Sanna

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