Freitag, 30. Dezember 2016

Farewell 2016

I understand why people think that 2016 totally sucked. David Bowie, George Michael and Alan Rickman went to heaven. So did various other celebrities and it's a shame. Then Donald Trump got elected president of the United States. Big bummer. Some days before Christmas a terrorist attack hit Berlin. Thousands are starving in Aleppo. Life is a bitch these days. And we are right there to live it.

But for me, personally, this year has been just the best. It was the year of NO symptoms, none at all. It was the year I went back to teaching and earning some grand bucks. It was a normal year, with ups and downs, okay. But normal is just wonderful.

Some other highlights of my year:

In January, we celebrated my birthday with a birthday breakfast in our favorite café.
In February, we celebrated carnival and the kid enjoyed their confetti guns. (I am not a big fan of February though.)
In March, we celebrated Easter with family and went to the traditional Easter carnival.
In April, my German blog had its comeback and we cheered on BigL at the track and field competition.

In May, it got warm and we brought out the pool, had lots of ice cream and wore flipflops.
In June, summer kicked in full forced and we enjoyed days on the porch, fun at the pool and the smell of sunscreen.

In July, summer break started and we headed to the Dutch coast for our annual summer getaway.
In August, DH and me went to the summer festival to see my muical love Milow perform. It was super hot and we sang and danced along and had to drink loads of water.

In September, BigL started his new school, which was pretty exciting. Also, summer came back with high temperatures and we had many BBQs before summer came to an end. AND Little L turned
unbelievable four years old!!!
In October, we enjoyed lots of early fall sunshine and spend a lot of time in our garden, because the weather was just so nice.
In November, we celebrated St.Martin's day and BigL's eleventh birthday. Eleven!!

 In December, the days got so short, but were filled with twinkling Christmas lights and candles. We ate way too much candy, had a great Christmas and are looking into the New Year with hope and love.

Have a great New Year's Eve, everybody and a happy new year! Love from my family to yours, Sanna

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