Mittwoch, 12. Juli 2017

Summer Bucket List

Only one more day, and I am heading into summer break (poor kids have one more day to go). As every summer, there is stuff I wanna do and there are things and places I wanna see. Here is my summer bucket list:

  • Go to the fish spa. I wanted this for years and I will so do it this summer.
  • Visit the coast and dip my toes into the North Sea. Not sure if I will take a full dive, depends on how warm it is.
  • Visit Hamburg's new Elbphilharmonie.
  • Play lots of Uno and other stuff with LittleL during his two weeks off from daycare (plus our summer getaway).
  • Meet with friends, have coffee and cake and good conversations.
  • Laugh more, dance often and go to a concert (Gentleman, honey?)
  • Try to use my smartphone less.
  • Visit the family party at summer camp.
  • Paint my toenails all kind of colours.
  • Wear flipflops only.
  • And shorts and dresses.
  • Oh, and my size twelve bikini. Woohoo!
  • Go horse back riding with the kids.
  • Shop for school supplies (note to myself: NOT on the last day!!)
  • Have an outdoor movie night.
  • Have lots of BBQs.
  • Finish season 10-12 of Grey's Anatomy.
  • Take naps on my sunbed.
  • Get together with family and friends and celebrate DH's 40th and LittleL's 5th birthday.
  • Read ten books.
  • Enjoy life.
Have a great summer, everybody! What are your plans? Any suggestions of what I REALLY have to do?

Love and hugs, Sanna

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