Freitag, 12. Mai 2017

Long time no see

Yes, I am still alive. I just needed a break. From blogging and the pressure that comes with it. I often feel like I really have to blog. It has been days, weeks, so I need to write an update. Bullshit. I decided to take a break and let go a bit.

Social media is pretty inspiring to me, but it also contains a lot of room for comparison and sometimes makes me feel less than what I actually am. Again, bullshit!

So, here I am again. With the resolution to focus more on who I am and what I really want. It's kind of a new start. I wanna go back to what my blog used to be years and years ago. Full of colour, fun and life. I wanna share my favorite reads and recipes and stuff about my everyday life.

I would love to see you on that journey with me and to start, I'll let you know what happened around my life in the last two months.

The week before Easter our great-granny fell an broke her hipbone. Yeah, fun times. They were able to fix it without replacing the whole hip and started therapy pretty quickly after the surgery. So me and the kids spent a lot of time in the hospital, which the kids loved as they were treated with ice cream, Fanta and cake in the cafeteria. Granny is 93 years old, but was a real champ with learning how to walk again. She came back home on Wednesday.

For Easter, my big L got some concert tickets he really wanted to have, so the two of us went to see his favorite band and spent a lovely evening together. I enjoy spending some quality time with him, because we hardly see him. Between school and track and field training, he is running wild and free around the neigbourhood. A real boy.

At the end of February, I started Weight Watchers to get rid of all the weight that anti-depressants helped me gain (that and a LOT OF eating!). From day one, it worked like a charm and as of today, I have lost a total amount of 22lbs. Which is freaking awesome. Yeah, me!

Now that spring is here, we spend as much time as possible in our back yard. The flowers are in bloom, the sandbox is filled and I had my first bubbly on my beoved garden swing. Life is good.

See you soon! Love, Sanna

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