Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2020

Half a year

It's been half a year since my last post. And what a crazy time that was. It was/is the time of Covid-19 and George Floyd. It's the time of home schooling and wearing masks. It's a scary time, but so full of opportunities.

And while life as we knew it came to a hold, nature just went on being amazing and blooming. Dolphins returned to harbours, deer came back to the cities and the air we breathe was as healthy as it hasn't been in centuries. It's pretty awesome how nature took back space and to see how small mankind is in comparison.

While all this happened, spring came and went and now summer is in full swing. We ended the school year and headed into summer break, although there are hardly planes jetting around the world to bring people to destinations, where they would go on and destroy this wonderful planet.

Covid-19 is shit, but at the same time it made clear, who the boss is around here. And it's not us.

That being said, we will enjoy summer break as much as possible.With BBQs and fresh strawberries. With the smell of sunscreen and a dip into the pool. With watching butterflies and enjoying sunshine.

Have a great summer!

Love, Sanna

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