Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017

Summer Reading: Little Beach Street Bakery

I love reading. I love the seasons. I love seasonal reading. I read Christmas books in winter, lovely short stories in fall and books taking place on the beach in...well, in summer.

I would love to introduce you to my favorite summer reads, just in time for summer break and your vacation on the beach.

I am starting with chick lit by Jenny Colgan. In fact, it's a trilogy, but just the first two books are set in summer. Little Beach Street Bakery and Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery.

This is what it's all about: Heroine Polly Waterford just lost her boyfriend and her job. As she is looking for a fresh start, she moves to the sea side resort of Polbearne in a little flat above and abandoned shop. To get her thoughts straight, she does what she loves most: baking. With every loaf she bakes and with every rich ingredient she adds, she finds more of herself and a new life (and love) where she never expected it.

Oh, how I loved these books! I read them - have a guess - last summer on the beach. And if it wasn't for me to actually be on the beach, I would have smelled the salty air of Polbearne and heard the waves break. The writing is really good, the story extraordinairy. Chick lit, but without the idiotic heroine. No Bridget Jones moments. Great characters, unexpected twists.

In case you are looking for a good summer read, go for it.

Also, the third book in the series is called Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery. Just perfect for my anglophile, Christmas loving self. But I will talk about this in half a year.

Happy Reading! Love, Sanna

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