Montag, 5. Februar 2018

Get movin'

I started my weight loss journey about a year ago, in the end of February. It worked like a charm within the first half year. Then, I decided to do some workout and through a friend found this awesome ballett school. Since then I am doing ballett class once a week. It was awesome to go to a ballett class, overweight and all. But I had so much fun and it's such a good workout, so I stuck to it.

These last months, I have been a bit of lazy concerning food and movement, so I did a re-start of my diet after my birthday. I am back into the program and so far it works well. Having lost the first 50lbs without real sports, I now am trying a new routine. Going to a Pilates class on Mondays, ballett on Thursdays. The other days, I try to use the stairs instead of the lift (I work on the 6th floor), use the sunny weather for walks to the playground with Little L or stroll around town. Just be more active in my daily life. The fact, that spring is around the corner is helpful, too. I am looking forward to garden work, sunny walks and just being more outside.

I will keep you updated if all this boost my weight loss or is just fun. Have a great week!

Love, Sanna

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