Sonntag, 12. Februar 2017


Today was fabulous. I came home late last night from a party and woke up around nine a.m. which is pretty early for me on a weekend. No idea why, but I felt so full of energy and wanted to egt stuff done, so after snuggling with DH and Little L, I got up and jumped into the shower. We had breakfast and then DH and me cleaned the place and I tackled piles of laundry.

We met with our neighbour and her daughter (Little L's best friend) and went for a walk, which included ice cream some quality time on the playground. The sun was shining, but we didn't stay too long, because the wind was pretty chilly. I am so looking forward to this week, because temperatures are supposed to be around 13°C with lots of sunshine.

When we came home the kids went to see friends in the neigbourhood and DH and me cleaned out our living room drawer. Fun times. After that, we parked our butts on the couch.

It was a great weekend. Fun and relaxing. The right amount of busy and enough time to recharge the batteries. I am heading into this new week with excitement. My class is having their first exams on Monday and Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed.

Have a great week! Love, Sanna

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