Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2017

Deal with me

So, here we are back to business. Every day life is back and I like it a lot. It brings some regularity into our life and that's a good thing. Although this week started kind of irregular, with Little L staying at home because of a fever and Big L jumping out of bed on Monday morning and hurting his ankle. So instead of work, I went to the doctor with him at 7.45am. It was still dark outside. Oh my.

My pupils were understanding about a day off, so that was not a problem. I really have a nice class and it makes me sick to my stomach to hear all this negativity and right wind paroles about refugees and immigrants. I deal with these people every day and 99% of them are friendly, hard working humans, who just want to live in peace with their families in our country. Most of them plan to go back when the time comes and they are so sad that they had to leave their countries. They are homesick and suffer from PTSD.

And honestly, I will not stop talking against right wing comments. I will open my mouth and speak up and let those idiots know what I think of them. The most hypocrit sentence is "I don't have anything against migration, BUT..." That little word BUT means that, yes indeed you have something against immigrants. So, please tell me, how many immigrants/refugees do you know? To how many did you talk?

I have seen hundreds in the last 14 years. And all I see on a daily basis are HUMANS. With a history, with anxiety and depression, because they have lived in danger of their lives for too long.

Okay, I am no idiot. Of course a open border politics invites idiots as well. But do you really think that a terrorist will be stopped from doing harm by a border? What about 9/11 or the London bombings? This happened before the refugees came to Europe and they found a way. They will always find a way.

So, yes, you have a right a free thinking and free speech. Do so. But be prepared to deal with me. I will talk against any kind of right propaganda. I will never accept a politics and thinking that is based on ethnic selection. Not in this life.

Now go and have a great day. Love, Sanna

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