Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2016

There they are!

Oh, what a lovely week we are having so far! We are in the middle of fall break and we are enjoying ourselves a lot.

We started with a trip to Ikea and the living room make over. We got rid of all our dark brown furniture and replaced it with white, which is just so lovely. Look.

Then we spend some time at home to relax, read, watch a movie. We had my parents over for coffee and I made a NY cheesecake, which was so yummie. Today we went out for breakfast to a lovely café with family. Now, DH and Big L are sorting throught his millions of Playmobil pieces to sell them at ebay before Christmas. It really is a great task. Not!

I am using the free time to sew and fill up the shelves of my little online shop. I am happy to announce that the first calenders for 2017 are available! Go and have a look! (Link on my sidebar.)

You can buy stuff from all over the world, shipping is world wide. For questions, just write a private message.

Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway (click)! I am shipping this stuff to wherever you are! It's free, so join!

Love, Sanna

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