Sonntag, 22. Oktober 2017

Such a girl

When I was a kid, my mom was more the convenient type of mom, which means I was a girl with short hair, because it was easy to handle. I wore brown and red and blue, because it was easy to keep clean. I was a tomboy. not by heart, but by looks.
Then, in my teens, I let my hair grow. And in my early twenties, when I moved out and started living my own life, I really found the girl in me.

It was like discovering a whole new world. Pink clothes, lots of it. Long hair and all kinds of different hair does. Skirts and high heels. Make up! Nailpolish!! Oh, how I love it!

Today, I am living with three boys and I couldn't be more girly. I love to be surrounded by beautiful things. Here is what I love most.
  • Books. As in books about baking, cooking, decorations. I love the Farm chicks books and Martha Stewart and everything similar to that.
  • Decoration. I have lots of decoration matching the seasons. I have a big box of decorations for NYE in silver and gold and glitter. I cannot wait to bring them up from the basement. And don't let me even get started on Christmas decorations. ;o)
  • Crafting. I am really happy that Little L still likes to craft with me. Therefore I own A LOT OF craft supplies. Way too much to use during this lifetime, but hey, whenever there is a crisis concerning arts supplies, I can offer worldwide support.
  • Nailpolish. I own hundreds of bottles of nailpolish and I would wear the right color matching my outfit. Always.
  • Paper napkins. My family thinks that I am crazy, but I LOVE paper napkins. I would NEVER set a table without them and they would ALWAYS fit the occasion or season. I own paper napkins in every shape and colour and I love it.
There's a lot more, but I honestly won't have the time to write it all down. Plus, I have a movie date with the kids this afternoon. How about you? Are you a girly girl?

Have a great Sunday! Love, Sanna

Montag, 9. Oktober 2017

Long time no see

Oh man, I cannot believe it's been six weeks since my last post. Time really flies, especially as we were so busy these last weeks.

We celebrated DH's 40th birthday and Linus' fifth. We are back to school for some time now and heading into fall break in two weeks time. So life is back to normal and fall really is here. The leaves are yellow and red and orange and I am back on wearing scarves and boots. We light candles with our tea time and cuddle up with books and movies. The kids play Playmobil for hours straight and I get lost in book after book.

Fall really is a wonderful time. It took me some days to adjust to real shoes (no flipflops!) and the cooler weather, but now I am just loving it. Right now, Linus is in the backyard and playing with his little friend, while I will do some laundry and then will start reading my first Christmas book. Call me crazy, but it's only six more weeks until December. I already have the first presents, so I am getting slowly prepared.

But before that, we will have a Halloween party with my SIL's family and I got a bit crazy with decorations and stuff. I am planning on doing a candy table with creepy snacks and I might have shopped Halloween t-shirts for the kids. It might seem too much or over the top for you, but I feel like it's the best I can give my kids...memories. Being a good parent is about a lot of things, but I will be so happy when in twenty years, they will remember that night and talk about it with gleaming eyes. Like "Do you remember that year Halloween when mom made us eat candy brains?" or "I will never forget the night when we ruined the carpet with  fake blood!". I will laugh with them and be happy to have created a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Because when looking back on the best days of my life, I remember the fun I had, the love I felt and the people that were by my side.

Have a great week! Love, Sanna

Sonntag, 27. August 2017

Not ready for fall

It's the last weekend before school starts and it makes me sad to see summer go. With the end of summer break and the end of August comes the cooler season. So far it's still pretty warm and the pool is up and it smells like sunscreen. We had a great summer and an amazing vacation at the coast. We spent days on the beach and had way too much ice cream. Everything was sandy and the kids smelled like salt water all the time. We also visited Hamburg with the kids, who have never been in such a big city before. It was loud and hectic and DH and me were a bit stressed to have an eye on the kids all the time so nobody gets lost, but it was worth every minute.

Now, we are preparing for normal life again. We shopped school supplies and I realized I forgot to order school books. Just in time as they were delivered yesterday. I am super mom.

The forecast says temperatures will drop next week and it really is chilly in the evenings, which does not keep us from sitting on the proch until the sun goes down and share some drinks with friends. We will spend these last days of summer outside with ice cream and pool games and enjoy them as much as possible.

Have a great weekend! Love, Sanna

Dienstag, 25. Juli 2017

Down came the rain

Week 2 of summer break. It's raining cats and dogs. BigL is at summer camp nevertheless. Every morning I ask him, if he wants to go and every morning, he says, "Of course!". So we bought hiking shoes to withstand the mudder and he is happy.

Little L and me are running errands, went to the mall (I bribed him with a BIG cookie) and hang around home. We watch movies and nap and do puzzles and play and love being with each other. It's pretty awesome. Today he helped me with housework, which took like forever. But we have all the time in the world and I love his company.

So, that's pretty much all we do these days. End of story.

Love, Sanna

Mittwoch, 12. Juli 2017

Summer Bucket List

Only one more day, and I am heading into summer break (poor kids have one more day to go). As every summer, there is stuff I wanna do and there are things and places I wanna see. Here is my summer bucket list:

  • Go to the fish spa. I wanted this for years and I will so do it this summer.
  • Visit the coast and dip my toes into the North Sea. Not sure if I will take a full dive, depends on how warm it is.
  • Visit Hamburg's new Elbphilharmonie.
  • Play lots of Uno and other stuff with LittleL during his two weeks off from daycare (plus our summer getaway).
  • Meet with friends, have coffee and cake and good conversations.
  • Laugh more, dance often and go to a concert (Gentleman, honey?)
  • Try to use my smartphone less.
  • Visit the family party at summer camp.
  • Paint my toenails all kind of colours.
  • Wear flipflops only.
  • And shorts and dresses.
  • Oh, and my size twelve bikini. Woohoo!
  • Go horse back riding with the kids.
  • Shop for school supplies (note to myself: NOT on the last day!!)
  • Have an outdoor movie night.
  • Have lots of BBQs.
  • Finish season 10-12 of Grey's Anatomy.
  • Take naps on my sunbed.
  • Get together with family and friends and celebrate DH's 40th and LittleL's 5th birthday.
  • Read ten books.
  • Enjoy life.
Have a great summer, everybody! What are your plans? Any suggestions of what I REALLY have to do?

Love and hugs, Sanna

Freitag, 7. Juli 2017

Years Off My Life

I ain't a fan of going slow around corners,
Stomp on the gas and grab another gear
Yeah I'll take years off my life
Before I'll take life off my years.

So, I was listening to one of my favorite music ever (Lee Brice - Hard 2 Love) in the car, when this song came up. And it made me think. About what changed since I got sick and how much more I love life right now that I am okay again. 

A lot has changed. It's not like I got adventurous all of a sudden. Nope, not going to happen. But I really am more happy in life. Just because I try to do what is good for me. To celebrate the little things and to have the courage to go for what I really want.

To me, living life to the fullest does not involve jumping out of planes or doing zip line rides. It's more like spending quality time with my beloved ones. It's warm summer sunshine on a day at the lake. It's a good book and a nice coffee. It's cooking and baking and napping. Might sound boring, yes. But to me it is heaven. 

I have never been more satisfied with me and my life. Because I know how bad life can be and I try not to let go of chances. That's why I picked up all my courage last night and dug out my ballett slippers. These have been in the closet for twelve years, but after watching a friend doing ballett classes, I felt such an urge to get back on the dance floor, it kind of hurt. I packed some weight since my last dancing class and it was before babies and PPD and meds, so I freaked out a little bit. I actually was thinking about cancelling the whole thing and sit on my couch and wait for more weight to drop. But then DH kind of ordered me to go, damn it. And I did. And it was the most wonderful thing in the world. Of course, it felt different and I realized I am not as flexible any more (but that will hopefully come back!), but my body remembered every single move. It was right there and I only had to start again to make it come out. I had no idea how much I missed dancing until I actually hit the dance floor.

So, living life to the fullest means taking risks. And having courage. And all of the above. Have a great weekend, everybody!

Love, Sanna

What's the use of life if you don't live it?
You sip your water, I'll drink my beer
Yeah, I'll take years off my life
Before I take life off of my years

Dienstag, 4. Juli 2017

My journey to size ten

As long as I can remember, I used to be chubby. It kind of runs in my parrt of the family, so here I am. After having two kids and being on three different meds to treat my PPD, I gained a LOT OF weight. Actually, I have never had more weight in my life before.

One day in February, I decided to give it a try and downloaded the Weight Watchers App. I tried not to go in with too many expectations, but with my mind set on a goal. And so it began.

Since then I have lost a total number of 33lbs (15kg). And to be honest, it's pretty easy. I am never hungry, I can eat everything as long as I stay within my SmartPoints and it so works for me. For many others, this is not the right way, but for me it absolutely is.

Plus, it is amazing of how good I feel since I lost weight. My knees do not hurt anymore. I can easily go to the basement for laundry and up again (We live on the first floor!!). I can practice riding his bike with Little L and jog next to him. I can buy regular sized clothing, which is the best part of all! ;o)

I plan to lose more weight and have a helthy BMI around Christmas. If it spring, that's fine with me, too. Moving forward is good, no matter how long it will take. With every day I am closer to a healthy body and that is just awesome. Plus, I am looking into different opportunities to work out at the moment, but I will post about that later.

Have a great day! (And eat some cake!)

Love, Sanna