Freitag, 14. Oktober 2016

Book review: The Cottage On Pumpkin And Vine

I have a great suggestion for you, in case you like seasonal reading and anthologies. I only bought this book, because one of the stories is by Kate Angell, my all time favorite romance author. While reading, I realized that it is not only romance, but totally fits my enthusiasm for reading stuff that fits into the season.

During summer break, I read books which take place on the beach. During winter, I read Christmas romance. A Halloween book was something, I really needed right now. Well, there you are.

The Cottage on Pumpkin and Vine is set in Moonbright, Maine on Halloween Eve. In the town's little B&B, there is the annual Halloween party taken place, which is said to make wishes come true on this one night only. This year, it happens to be full moon as well. For three couples it will be a night to remember. A night full of spooky creatures, black cats, tarot cards and candy corn kisses.

As always, I just love Kate Angell's writing. Fast-paced, funny and greatly developed characters. She often writes short stories for anthologies, and sometimes, I am really disappointed by the other writers and/or their stories. This is not true for this book. Although you can tell by the writing, that three different authors wrote the stories, they are cleverly adjusted to make it a series of stories in the same setting. I read all three stories with pleasure.

Really, you should read it. Right now. Cause Halloween is around the corner and this anthology will make you want to celebrate. Happy Reading!

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