Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2016

Halloween Cookies

Hey cutie pies,

I promised to blog my favorite cookie recipe for Halloween and here it is.

You need:

250gr confectioner's sugar
200 gr margarine (yes, no butter!)
300 gr all-purpose flour
1 egg
some milk

For the dough, mix the margarine with the egg yolk. Add flour and 100 gr of the confectioner's sugar. Beat at high speed until you have a soft, but solid dough emerges.

Roll and use cookie cutters to cut out Halloween shapes. I use these (click). They are of a great quality, dish washer proof and easy to handle for kids. Plus, the price is just amazing.

Bake at 180° Celsius until the cookies are light brown but still a bit soft. They will get crisp while cooling down. If you bake them too long, they will be dry and nobody wants a dry cookie, right?

When they are cooled off completely, you can add the frosting, which is made of

1 beaten egg white, 150 gr confectioner's sugar and a tiny little bit of milk until the mixture is smooth and good to frost. I also add some sprinkles in black and orange for the Halloween feeling.

Done. Now go and prepare some nice coffee or hot chocolate and have a bite. Happy Halloween month!

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