Montag, 3. Oktober 2016

In my world...

... everything is just fine. We used the long weekend for a visit at the zoo, a day in the woods and also some good old nap time. It was the perfect mixture of action and laid back.

I also squeezed in some time to sew and get stuff done for the shop. And I shopped like mad at the fabric market. I found cute new fabrics for Little L and nice stuff for the 2017 calenders I wanna make.

We hardly saw Big L (my big boy) over the weekend. He had a sleep over at his friend's house on Saturday and on Sunday that friend stayed overnight with us. It was fun for them, but now that it's Monday evening, he is sooooo tired. I predict he will fall asleep early today.

I am looking forward to these next days as I am off until Thursday, when I have to work a short shift. I am planning on getting more sewing done and hopefully will be able to upload the new stuff to the shop as soon as we have figured out the problems with my phone. That is SO annoying. More for DH though, who is dealing with it.

I also wanna blog my favorite cookie cut outs recipe for you, so that you can do Halloween cookies soon. Ours are all left by now, which is amazing as we made them three days ago and it was some dozens. They are that good, ya know.

So, have a good start into the (short) week. For us, it's the last week before fall break. I am so looking forward to that.

Love, Sanna

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