Dienstag, 13. Juni 2017

Four weeks

The countdown has started. It's a short week for me because of a holiday on Thursday (I am free on Fridays), so there are only four weeks left until summer break! I am so looking forward to getting some time off work and spending it with my kids and family.

For the first time in ten years or so, we are NOT going to the Netherlands (because our holiday home was occupied), but we are staying within Germany and will spend some time at the North Sea coast. In fact, it's the very same sea we are going to every year, just more up North. We are real adventurers.

Apart from that, I plan on being lazy, do everything without a hurry and I am looking forward to visit Big L at summer camp.

I also wanna read lots of books and I herewith as for recommendations. I love seasonal reading, so I am looking for romance that's set preferably on the beach. I already have downloaded the latest books of Kate Angell's Barefoot Williams / Boys of Summer books. I L.O.V.E. these! Have you read them?

I might also re-read SEP's Honey Moon. I haven't read it for ages and I feel like doing it. But summer break is six weeks and I need more books! Spill!

What are your plans for summer? Any specific? Adventurous? I'd love to know.

Until then, finish the school year strong. Stay focused, but don't forget to dream about the beach.

Love, Sanna

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