Freitag, 7. Juli 2017

Years Off My Life

I ain't a fan of going slow around corners,
Stomp on the gas and grab another gear
Yeah I'll take years off my life
Before I'll take life off my years.

So, I was listening to one of my favorite music ever (Lee Brice - Hard 2 Love) in the car, when this song came up. And it made me think. About what changed since I got sick and how much more I love life right now that I am okay again. 

A lot has changed. It's not like I got adventurous all of a sudden. Nope, not going to happen. But I really am more happy in life. Just because I try to do what is good for me. To celebrate the little things and to have the courage to go for what I really want.

To me, living life to the fullest does not involve jumping out of planes or doing zip line rides. It's more like spending quality time with my beloved ones. It's warm summer sunshine on a day at the lake. It's a good book and a nice coffee. It's cooking and baking and napping. Might sound boring, yes. But to me it is heaven. 

I have never been more satisfied with me and my life. Because I know how bad life can be and I try not to let go of chances. That's why I picked up all my courage last night and dug out my ballett slippers. These have been in the closet for twelve years, but after watching a friend doing ballett classes, I felt such an urge to get back on the dance floor, it kind of hurt. I packed some weight since my last dancing class and it was before babies and PPD and meds, so I freaked out a little bit. I actually was thinking about cancelling the whole thing and sit on my couch and wait for more weight to drop. But then DH kind of ordered me to go, damn it. And I did. And it was the most wonderful thing in the world. Of course, it felt different and I realized I am not as flexible any more (but that will hopefully come back!), but my body remembered every single move. It was right there and I only had to start again to make it come out. I had no idea how much I missed dancing until I actually hit the dance floor.

So, living life to the fullest means taking risks. And having courage. And all of the above. Have a great weekend, everybody!

Love, Sanna

What's the use of life if you don't live it?
You sip your water, I'll drink my beer
Yeah, I'll take years off my life
Before I take life off of my years

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