Donnerstag, 24. November 2016

Back on track

Remember my last post about how hectic and stressful life is at the moment in our home? Well, it was too much for my depressive self.

The last weeks were packed and our weekend was full of activities from morning till night, so when first depressive symptoms showed up, I gave my long shift this week to a colleague and got myself some rest. I did the housework without a hurry and just what had to be done. I took long naps, finished my second Christmas book and spent time with the kids at home. We had cookies and tea and watched TV or read Christmas books. It was lovely. And just what my restless soul needed. It took two days and all symptoms were gone.

I am lucky to have this "control system" within me. My body shows me when it's enough. I am forced to take breaks and rest my soul. It is imprtant for everybody, including you. We need time to re-energize. We need the time to do lovely things or just hang around home and take naps. It's so important and we should remember to do so, even now before Christmas.

Most of you are having a hell of a week, I guess, with Thanksgiving coming up. Take time to rest. Put up your feet and watch a lovely holiday movie. I will do so more often. So should you.

Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Sanna

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